Sisterson! artists in order of appearance within these pages:

These comics would not be here is it were not for those involved

In order of appearance we have:
John Wilcock ?
Bob Harrison?
Andy Roberts
John Donnely ?
Steve Whitaker?
Steve Marchant
Andrew Herbertson ?
Ed Perryman?
Nick Abadzis?
Donald Rooum?
John McCrea
Graham Higgins
Peter Rigg ?
Luke Walsh ?
Lee Kennedy
Dave Tarafder ?
Bob Moulder ?
Bob Lynch ?
Hunt Emerson
Rich Z Starbuck ?
Steve Martin
Chris Webster?
Woodrow Phoenix?
Carl Flint?
Andy McDermot?
John Mulcreevy?
Lawrence Burton?
Dave Gough?
Joe Berger?
Ian Herring
Mike O'Donahue?
Lee Brimmicombe Wood
Martin Meeks?
Darryl Cunningham
Andy Robottom?
Pete Doree?
Phil Elliot
Jeremy Dennis
Damian Cugley
Nigel Lowrey
Richard Argent ?
Chris Hogg ?
Joe Berger?
Jonathan Edwards?
Bernadette Demuijler ?
Andi Watson
Mike Weller?
Alex Mason ?
Nick Mackie?
Sean Eckett?
Jenni Scott
Simon Gane ?
Evan O'Neil ?
Tom Slouch ?
Phil Minns ?
Lizzy Baker ?
Rachel Ball ?
Ed Pinsent
Charlie Adlard?
Bernado Maldanado?
Roger Langridge
Mark Robinson?
David Morris?
Carl White?
Terry Wiley
Max Traffic?
Casper Williams?
Matthew Burton?
Danny King?
Paul B Rainey?
Steve Willis?
Bruce Chrislip?
Mark Campos?
Bib Edwards?
Patrick Brown
Clive Scruton
Chris Askham?
Martin Hall?
Flix Gillet?
Simon Fraser
A ? denotes that I am unable to determine a 'home page' for this artist - if your name has a ? please contact me to add any web address that you would like to be noted. Also as I've probably not heard from you in an age - it would be good to say hello, at least.
There are more contributors to the Sissterson! project; there are many pages that are yet to be completed. Hopefully - given time - pages will start to come together again & you'll see more names here.