What is this "Sisterson!" ?
Sisterson! is a Jam Comic used in Humour Class at the L.C.C run by Donald Rooum as a method of teaching sequential thinking & for studying the approach of other creators. It is also fun.
It was devised by a fellow by the name of Dennis Sisterson.
This incarnation of the game was initiated in the 1990's & the pages are mainly created via the postal system (mail art?). The project has been dormant for a number of years, however Zeke S Clough asked on 11v03 what a Jam Comic was & the folder came down from the shelf...

LIst of artists in order or appearance




How you do "Sisterson!" ?
It's a game three or more people.
You cannot draw a panel if one of your previous drawings appears within the two prior panels.
You should follow the story through sequentially, panel by panel and not cop out skipping a panel or two because you cannot think what should go next.
No unnecessary sex or violence.
These rules are not case in iron.



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Any questions? Want to play?
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